Jim Daly Performer

The crazy mountaineer of theatre who’s scaled some breathtaking types, some with slow slopes, others with vertical walls, some with thin air, rarified air, hardly any with no air. Always on the way to the summit, resting there only briefly to come down to dirty scree and slush for a more or less indeterminate time in which I sit and scratch myself.  Driven fellow climbers passing up and down, exchanging brief words, glimpsing corpses. In my tent I eat nuts, halva and red wine. In my dreams I would love to be Dustin Hoffman playing Leonard Cohen even though I look like Anthony Hopkins. I’ve got good legs.

JIM was the infamous, nameless TAXI 236 in Ride On Theatre’s FAKE PORNO. He is based in Melbourne and works there and all over Australia as an actor as well as all the things mentioned above.