Kate Armstrong Smith Producer

Kate has a mild obsession with Directors which her Jungian analyst believes has subconsciously influenced her to lead a life of supporting their every whim and desire. So far it seems to be paying off…

Bringing her experience to the performing arts sector Kate has worked as an independent producer for the last 7 years supporting and realising independent choreographers’ and directors’ works. She worked with Tanya Goldberg to produce An Oak Tree at Belvoir St Downstairs Theatre.

Kate started her career in the performing arts when living in Paris and worked for the 300 year old Opera of France as an “Apprentice of Communications.” She noticed that directors, choreographers and creative teams created wonderful works but didn’t always get the attention or audiences they deserved. She found this frustrating.

She then went on to work for the music industry and festivals discovering that these large-scale events never seemed to have problems with getting people to turn up. So, started to apply some of what she learnt there to helping performing artists engage audiences for their smaller works.

For the last 10 years she has worked for Festivals predominately as a Manager of Marketing and Business Development including Good Vibrations Festival, The Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Arts Festival, Indigenous Festivals of Australia and currently works as Business Development Manager for Sydney Festival. Kate worked to create the award-winning audience development scheme Fringe Benefits for the Adelaide Fringe and was awarded A Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies to further engage new generations in the Performing Arts.