Marko Jovanovic Transformer

Marko came to Australia in 1988 from Sarajevo. By 1992 he was helping his mum sell toys on the weekends at Flemington markets while dreaming of becoming the next Hulk Hogan. Those dreams would have to wait. He had primary school to finish, which only led to high school. Fear of expulsion and a phone call to his parents prevented him from practicing his newly invented choke holds on his peers. School was looking like a waste of time after all.

After finishing school Marko completed a 4 year apprenticeship in Commercial Cookery. He was now well trained in all manner of kitchen utensils and equipment (all very good potential weapons to win the Hardcore Championship wrestling belt).

In 2007 Marko was accepted into NIDA. While at NIDA Marko performed in productions of East Is East, Othello, The Kitchen, Face to Face, Summerfolk, The Importance of Being Earnest as well as Movement performances Out of Reach, and Moving On. It was at NIDA that he learnt the harsh lesson that every time his character entered the stage he couldn’t play entrance music and be escorted to the stage by two beautiful women, giving the front row high fives along the way…..

His screen credits include Before the Rain(AFTRS & NIDA) and Jimmy Tennison (NIDA) as well as two short films Eartha Kitt goes to the Berlin and Whats your pitch?

After graduating from NIDA, Marko performed in Not I by Samuel Beckett directed by Kip Williams.  His still confused about this production.

In 2010 Marko performed in Ride On’s Way To Heaven. He took the role after being promised he could use a bench in his scenes. Suddenly fantastic visions of putting his victim on the bench and doing an elbow drop off the front row seating began to swim through his mind. Finally his true talent would be obvious to all… But after his first rehearsal, any such hope of WWE stardom was shattered by the director (Lets leave her unnamed) who asked him to sit on the bench and give the other actor a present.

He was also in Mash Up at Q Theatre, a performance of Australian Poetry directed by Katrina Douglas. The rest of 2010 was spent touring with Bell Shakespeare Company.

Marko’s favourite quote is “More is lost through indecision then wrong decision.”