An Oak Tree

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Written by Tim Crouch. Directed by Tanya Goldberg. Performed by John Leary and guests

No two performances are the same. One half of the cast changes every night and there is no rehearsal. A glass of water is a sculpture. A woman is a man. An RSL is the Sydney Opera House. A girl is a tree. If you think it’s real, who’s to say it isn’t?

When extremities intrude on day-to-day life, reality can shift in all sorts of slippery ways. Disarming and emotionally charged, AN OAK TREE is theatre that spins you on a knife-edge. Two people meet in the most unlikely of places, a hypnotist who has lost the power of suggestion and a grieving man who can only cope by using it.

Tim Crouch’s award-winning play is a vivid and risky experience that guides its guest actor through a performance that no one could ever expect.

“An Oak Tree is one of those flashes. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before and is impossible to describe without spoiling everything in it that will have you riveted to your seat, palms sweating.” Stage Noise

“Warmly performed by Leary and very effectively staged by director Tanya Goldberg, it often resembles a theatre game or rehearsal, but as actor and character merge, An Oak Tree has the capacity to mess with your mind.” Jason Blake, Sun Herald

Cast: John Leary with Wayne Blair, Patrick Brammall, Brendan Cowell, Joel Edgerton, Eden Falk, John Gaden, Claudia Karvan, Amy Kersey, Steve Le Marquand, Chas Licciardello, Deborah Mailman, Lech Mackiewicz, Belinda McClory, Robin McLeavy, Colin Moody, Luke Mullins, Pachano Mzembe, Bojana Novakovic, Eddie Perfect, Leah Purcell, Richard Roxburgh, Toby Schmitz, Jeremy Sims, Jacki Weaver, Ursula Yovich. Lighting Design Verity Hampson. Set and Costume: Xanthe Heubel. Sound: Michael Toisuta. Producer: Katherine Armstrong Smith
2008 BSharp, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney.