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Written by John Donnelly

Directed by Tanya Goldberg

Helen wants a conversation with her dead husband, Stephen wants his ex to come crawling back and Jamie wants a shag to see him off to war – three lives stumbling into a most unexpected redemption. An electric parable for living right now.

Simple and spare, Bone rides the currents of three very different lives, each searching for the same, elusive sense of peace and belonging. Featuring extraordinary performances that cut right to the bone, this is an exhilarating piece of new writing given a distinctively Australian voice.

2007 Sydney Theatre Award Nomination for Best Actress in an independent production for Vanessa Downing.

“Meticulously detailed – every nuance carved with clarity.” FBi Radio

“Take a deep breath and brace yourself to be shocked, humoured and moved to tears all at once.”

“Vanessa Downing is breathtaking. Peter Barry is manically exuberant. Ryan Hayward has the audience in stitches.”

“Bone is one of those theatre experiences that you hope for, but so rarely come across. It will reignite a love of theatre in the despondent and will hopefully inspire writers everywhere. Four and a half stars.” The Brag

Cast: Peter Barry, Vanessa Downing, Ryan Hayward. Set: Simone Romaniuk. Costume: Ailsa Paterson. Sound: Belinda GuinnLighting: Luiz Pampolha (season 1), Verity Hampson (season 2). Producers: Esti Regos and Ryan Hayward.
  • 2006 at Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Sydney.
  • 2007 BITe at Seymour Centre, Sydney