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By Dennis Kelly

Directed by Tanya Goldberg

“Like mushrooms, babies grow in rubbish. They construct themselves from rotting leaves, coke cans, syringes and empty packets of monster munch and wait for their parents to find them. I know this to be the truth because I found one…”

As Michael and Michelle’s home-life disintegrates, the siblings have no choice but to create a world of their own. DEBRIS follows their mutinous path through a rubbish-strewn reality, side-stepping animals, alcoholics and pedophiles. As hilarious as it is terrifying, this part kids’ dress-up game, part story time nightmare chronicles a world where mothers die in childbirth, babies feed on rotting plant matter, dad watches telly and God rolls a fag. Side-splittingly black, DEBRIS is a furious cry from the bottom of the heap.

“…a modern fractured fairytale of dark imaginings celebrating theatre’s capacity to disturb the heart and challenge the mind.” Mark Hopkins. Sydney Morning Herald.

“Campbell and Novakovic are two of the most promising young actors around: here they come across like Bart and Lisa Simpson as if they had been raised by wolves.” Colin Rose. Sun Herald.

Campbell is mesmirising… Novakvoic continues to build her reputation as one of the best young actresses in the county…” C. Woodhead. The Age.

2008 Green Room Award Nominations for Best Independent Production and Best Actress in an independent production for Bojana Novakovic.

  • Cast: Thomas Campbell and Bojana Novakovic. Set and Costume: Mark Campbell and Ailsa Paderson. Sound: Max Lyandvert. Lighting: Luke Woodham. Producer: Bojana Novakovic
  • 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival with Black Lung Theatre at LUPA.
  • 2006 The Old Fitzroy Theatre, Tamarramma Rock Surfers, Sydney