Way To Heaven

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By Juan Mayorga, Translated by David Johnston, Directed by Tanya Goldberg

‘The curtain falls and, suddenly… that whole world disappears.’ 1942. The heart of Europe. An orchestra performs in the village square. Two boys play with a spinning top. A young couple quarrel on a park bench. A ramp rises from a deserted train station where the clock is frozen at six o’clock. An ordinary town goes about its ordinary day. People perform for their lives.

Way to Heaven ventures deep into the fracture between appearance, performance and the terrible reality of Theresienstadt – the concentration camp presented to the outside world as a model Jewish settlement. From renowned Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga comes a searing examination of fear, control and the power of performance.

“An exquisitely crafted, deeply disturbing entanglement of theatrical aesthetics and genocide. Monstrous and thrilling.” D.Williams Version1.0

“Tanya Goldberg brought an astonishing real-life WWII story to the stage with intelligence and verve, and Nicholas Hope delivered one of the most riveting monologues on a Sydney stage all year.” Time Out-Sydney

“Taut, spare, steadfastly gripping and very well cast. Hope is outstanding as the Red Cross worker and Goldberg’s handling of her child actors is exemplary.” - Sydney Morning Herald

2010 Sydney Theatre Award Nomination for best independent production. Time Out-Sydney’s pick number three of “Best of 2010”.

  • Cast: Narek Armaganian, Nicholas Burton, Odile Cameron, Lachlan Campbell, Lexi Freiman, Harry Gray, Nicholas Hope, Marko Jovanovic, Ben Lorschy, Josh Lorschy, Nathan Lovejoy, Joseph McKercher, Olivia Regueira Garcia, Terry Serio, Tami Sussman, and Charlie Walsh. Set: Simone Romaniuk, Costume: Xanthe HeubelLighting: Verity Hampson, Producers: Esti Regos, and Viv Rosman for Performing Lines, Associate Producers: Joanna Fishman with Lexi Freiman, Marko Jovanovic, Nathan Lovejoy, Terry Serio, Tami Sussman.
An Australian premiere at Griffin Theatre, part of Griffin Independent 2010