Underoath Hour

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Underoath Hour is a late night interview show exposing the world behind the curtain of the Arts. It aims to provide the public with a candid look at what it means to be an artist and how the professionals we love actually make things happen. Performing and visual art is discussed and challenged by the people who make it. Things might get uncomfortable and inappropriate, but it’s all in the interest of artistic disclosure.

We all know Bo Kovic as a renouned independent theatre actress from Melbourne. Symon Parnel is an independent music magazine writer. (Check out his amazing interviews with legendary rock band You Am I here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eWTpHi1W-o ) Both write for street press magazine Underoath, covering their arts articles. They have been appointed by Underoath to travel to festivals around Australia and host Underoath Hour, a one hour late night interview slot, to be recorded and broadcast on to the net.

Each night they will interview guests of that festival: performers, producers, musicians, magicians, artists and curators. The hour which follows will see them poking and prodding, provoking and challenging their guests with the aim to demystify and expand the relationship between an artist and their public. Bo and Symon will be the arbitrators of unforeseen exposition to the realm of an artist’s life. They will put themselves on the line, not holding back anything seemingly inappropriate, unimportant or offensive. They will encourage their guests to do the same. Underoath Hour is filled with entertainment, humour, challenging confrontations and elaborately intelligent conversation.

This experience works on multiple levels, exposing the arts in all their glory. We aim to demystify and challenge the arts world in a forum safe for risk as two of Australia’s most under-rated artists interview the best of their world.